Things Unfold - EP

by flym$y

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Recorded summer 2015.


released August 1, 2015

Written/produced by me, except for guitar solo on crystalline, s/o to Zeppo Tha Rock God.

Mucho mucho thanks to everyone (mostly my parents) who helped me/fed me/made my life possible while working on this! And thanks to anyone who listens/downloads/appreciates!! It's all for you <3




flym$y New Orleans, Louisiana

Some rainy day sunset drive midnight ride blunt smoking beach sex digital hippie broken hearted existential crisis blues vibes <3

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Track Name: automatic love
when she pulled the trigger, when she opened the door, in came the light like a 4 am alarm. i was a charmed snake

when she burned that other bridge, she said the lighting was just right. but in the middle of the road, you can't help but look both ways, into the night

she said "i know" three times, like it rhymed
and she called me out for automatic love

well, she burned that other bridge, she said the lighting was just right. just tell me how many steps we're gonna sit on tonight until we get it right
Track Name: crystalline
in time, you'll find you're always at the end of the line. wish i could tell which road goes to hell, but who needs a map when you know the road so well? I could navigate by memory to the bottom of your heart, brush off the dust and laugh at the stars

we pass these trees and scrape our knees and crane our necks, just to feel the breeze. I wanna hold yr hand and feel the sand and chill my bones wherever i can. and even when the summer's over, yr soul is only older, and in some random untitled folder, there's a picture that means the world
Track Name: under the sun
it was as if i was back in time
to a time when the word found the rhyme
late night drives on the 101
knowing that it's all here, under the sun
you can spend yr precious time
down any road that runs through yr mind
count yr blessings, count yr cash
realize everything turns to ash

so how long's it been since you went outside?
looked up and saw the time flying by
big new weapons and world wars
counting down seconds and filing reports
i just wanna feel hips on mine
lipstick stains in the summertime
to the window! and to the wall
all in all is all we are,

it's all in yr head
Track Name: waves
tighten up, and let it go
it'll stop and it'll go
and just like always, the time
drops a bomb on yr mind
w/o regret, like it's a world war
feel the smile like never before
let it rain, let it pour
and let the beach break the waves
remember all the love you gave
w/o regret, like a hippie in the sun