Piñata Shop - EP

by flym$y

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recorded over the last year in lil bits and pieces, in Marin, Austin and New Orleans. it's more or less about being careful what you wish for, but also with some more pretentious overall themes, including the decline of interpersonal relationships due to developments in digital communications technology, and the ease of feeling meaningless in a consumer-oriented social environment. thanks so much to everyone who listens, please enjoy, remix, do whatever you want with it, etc.

love always,


released December 25, 2016

i wrote/recorded everything, except the clips from the Nirvana/Paul McCartney interviews, which i found on youtube (see song description for details/links)

tracks 2-5 were mixed and mastered by the homie Armando (soundcloud.com/iamarmando)

Official flym$y photographer: Akeem Biggs
Official flym$y artistic advisor: Evan Daigle




flym$y New Orleans, Louisiana

Some rainy day sunset drive midnight ride blunt smoking beach sex digital hippie broken hearted existential crisis blues vibes <3

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Track Name: piñata song
in these days of drinking
my lips stay dry
the rain keeps my thinking
the pain keeps me high

in these days of driving
i've seen some shit
somehow surviving
on the memory of when our hands fit

but now the mental picture fades
artificially hand-made
into what reality we go
i sure as hell don't know

in these days of dreaming
i can still hear the clock
my heart is seemingly
anticipating the stop

in these days of sugar
i know my teeth will someday rot
just know i'm your sweet lover boy
and that's all i've got
Track Name: lies about drugs (after party version)
Track Name: space
it comes when you least expect it
the feeling the past and future are connected
by roads paved with the memories
i want to remember loving you, endlessly
that feeling that i used to get
like being somewhere that i hadn't been yet
that feeling that's got in me now
like i've gotten lost and don't even know how
the cold and the lonely, the dark and the strange
hungover love and the constance of change
how easy it is to be lost in space
how easy to remember love in a face

in a face
Track Name: like new
it was late, at the drive thru
when i made eyes at you
and i know you liked it
i know you tried it

and i like you like i like new
i like you
i love you

i like you like i like new
i like you
i love you

i like new