"one big party city"

by flym$y

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released May 13, 2017

all sounds by flym$y except:

verse 2 on "life the movie" by mike hazel

some songs contain audio clips (see track descriptions for details)

album art by Zoë Blablablair




flym$y New Orleans, Louisiana

Some rainy day sunset drive midnight ride blunt smoking beach sex digital hippie broken hearted existential crisis blues vibes <3

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Track Name: life the movie [feat. mike hvzel]
you don't even know me
so don't say i'm real
you got something to show me
is it how to feel?
i told you i liked you
showed you the receipt
if you read the fine print
you'll share my belief
in touching and feeling
in driving at night
in touching the ceiling
in doing it right

when i was a dumb kid
i wanted to make
a movie called life
what a mistake

When I was a young wan made music my mission
Mamma said work
You just want that remission to lesson your sentence
Know you can hear all this grind in my sentence
Can't trytorecount all the time that's been tickin
All of them shows where my niggas was mission
But kept up my pimpin
Some slept up went missin
Now we up like Christians & gospels we praising.
All I can say is keep working lil nigga
You are the light don't you worship dem figures,
Some gamble for likes might try turn on you quicker,
Learn to look bigga,
The sky is more clearer,
Keep all your focus on who in the mirror
Roll up that doja
We only get olderYung
Issa shame that my daddy ain't taught me nun
Guess it ain't happen by accident
She had to grind barely had the funds,
Fuck is a penny punch
Now imma get me some,
Don't wanna stress about paper no mo, it's amazing
they raisin a cattle yard.
Everyone dress outtta catalogue
Life is ocean we paddle hard.
Life is an war we battle hard.
Track Name: rolling stoned
i step out and shut the door
what the hell am i here for
walk alone like a wishbone
always rolling up stoned

she walks in with no regrets
what would lead you to suggest
touches her hair, none to spare
sees him everywhere

all this money in all these piles
please come sit and talk awhile
open up like a half full cup
i’m coming up

like i said, you’re never alone
you’re never gone, never known
Never free and never grown
even when you’re home

all of these people, sellin all of these drugs
and the secrets of beauty queens and self-help for thugs
i used to let it get to me
but then i forgot what it meant to be

up in the spot with a hopeful thought
the ups and downs are all we've got
i used to let it get to me
but then i inhaled and the rest is history
Track Name: water works
take me away to that distant land,
across silent oceans and endless sands
house on the beach, with you and a bottle
no more convenience, no more remodels

take in the sun with the eyes of a man and
breath in the dust. I will write when i can
We'll fuck til the sunset ignites the hunger,
then feed on the passion and sleep til we're younger

nights on the town with the cheapest of friends
drives through the jungle, trips to the end
reaffirmations and wet conversations
peace in the darkness and drugs in the basement

we're long gone
Track Name: rainbow/Robin Williams
you can find yourself
under my tongue
you can find yourself
being young

you can find yourself
between me and your parents house
Track Name: not about you
something's dead and something's done
it's not about you anymore.
you used to be the only son (i kinda forgot that you're the one)
I'll leave you to your own devices, just like your face is in a phone

"i'm not a catcher in the rye
i'm only sleeping with the guy"

my own protector, own protector
the sour nectar, sour nectar
they're killing you, they're killing me
just tryna sell something for free
Track Name: she said something (about a goodbye)
she said something about a goodbye
and the pixels darkened the sky
and the radiation finally wore her down
and she fell concretely to the ground

and in the pale glow of our own future ghosts,
she said “i'd follow you from coast to coast”
she said so many things
she said “damn, red bull really gives you wings”

remember when we used to ‘go online’?
those were the days, that was the time
she locked the door and opened up to the world
and everyone said “what a beautiful girl!”

she said “it’s done” and lit up another one
she turned to stone without the sun
she said “now everything's forever”
she said “and it didn't used to be”
Track Name: so cleannn
i like a break in the evening
but no break with you
i thought the angst was a given
but it’s a lake, not a swimming pool

i drink when you’re leaving
we drink when you’re there
the atmosphere is so misleading
cause i know you care

cause in my spare time
i like to keep clean
or relatively so
you know what i mean

i think when you’re silent
and i think about you
i’m here when you’re violent
when the storm blows through

cause in my spare time
i like to keep clean
or relatively so
you know what i mean
Track Name: classic
i think i got your picture tattooed on every synapse in me
can’t laser beam you away
can’t force you to stay

i got your hands tattooed on every inch of my skin
didn’t feel real til i felt the needle
still unbelievable

last night was just a reminder that nothing lasts
all this flimsy shit
and my hand on your @$$

we coulda been a classic
we really coulda had it

we really could have been
Track Name: sage
when the smoke cleared i could see
all the shit that used to be
i was so aware of the space in the air
deep breathing, face to face
all of us all over the place
i was so aware of clothes everywhere

saw you once and there was something i had
to know about you and the back of your head
never thought i'd wanna know so bad
but that's just the problem

i tend to dwell on the worst of things
but you bump the jams like diamond rings
in my head, the war is in full swing
but that's my problem

every time i see your eyes
and your broken frames, the moments die
all the love you keep inside
and that's just the problem

cause i'm a fool and you're a star
i'll keep it cool, we're good so far
all that punk rock in your car
And all our fucking problems